Management Consulting

PlusCON's mission is to help our clients to implement successful and profitable solutions.

Besides being specialists within payment cards and payment systems we support and help our client in the process of changing the business set up. We have many years of experience within innovation, start up and implementation of payment card projects in both Danish as well as in international companies and have the knowledge and skills to advise the management.

Added Value for our Customers

We are very focused on creating added value for our customers and ensuring that the implemented solutions are "owned" by the organisation. Normally we do not offer fulltime employees allocated to projects but are very focused on knowledge transfer to existing or new employees.

Trust and Credibility

It demands a high degree of credibility from the consultants when advising companies to implement new businesses or technical solutions, which can create or expand a market advantage. We are very aware of potential conflicts of interest assisting companies operating in the same market segment. As a matter of principle we decline to undertake jobs which can question our neutrality. On the other hand we have experienced that we as independent consultants often can help companies from different market segments on mutual projects or joint ventures abroad.

Quality and Independence

We will always try to act neutral and independent from suppliers when dealing with similar products and services. We define quality as the ability to deliver the expected high quality solution on time, within budget and with the right content.

Process of Change

Most innovation projects means organisational and work flow changes, but not all employees are open for new opportunities. In such situations PlusCON can look at the new situation with fresh eyes, and help management to focus on areas, products or processes it can be profitable to change.