PlusCON has since 1998 arranged international conferences about payment systems and related future strategies.

Denmark has in many years been on the front line when it comes to payment systems and card products. Denmark was one of the first countries in the world to introduce electronic payment systems such as Dankort (debit card), BetalingsService (direct debit), DANMØNT (electronic purse and chip cards) and SET (Secure Internet Payments). We feel that it is very important to maintain this high level of knowledge and to have a on going development of competence within, and between, banks, suppliers, retail, public authorities, and interest organisations.

PlusCON tries through these annual conferences to help a continued development of the payment sector by inviting the best international speakers for presentation of new ideas, concepts and products and thereby having a fruitful discussion about the payment systems of the future.


PlusCON arranges seminars for companies interested in having a deeper knowledge about new issues or subjects. The seminars are often arranged for employees who are about to start new projects or as a development of knowledge. The company specific seminars can also be used as basis for strategy discussions and focus on new products and services. Subjects typically included:

    • Quality assurance of processes and projects
    • Chip card technology (card types, operative systems, cost/benefits)
    • Multiapplication cards (application types, issuing, acquiring, ownership, branding, service, operation, maintenance)
    • Development of existing concepts, products and services.
    • Innovation and new business opportunities
    • Stakeholder analysis (competitors, customer surveys, legal issues)

Card Academy

One of the high interest areas is a general education in payment cards and card related subjects. PlusCON has identified some modules which can give new or existing employees a general introduction to card subjects such as card types, business cases, technology background, strategy, market surveys, cost/benefit, legal issues, issuing, acquiring and international relations.

The Card Academy is so far only available for the Danish market but we can assist foreign companies establishing or adjust similar education to local conditions in co-operation with our associated European partners from EPCA.