Major assignments

PlusCON has since the establishing in 1994 among others completed the following assignments:

  • Analysis and project management of establishment of a payment card administration system in Scandinavia.
  • Assisted a major Danish bank in building an acquiring strategy.
  • Organised two international payment systems conference in Copenhagen.
  • Build courses and taught in Project Management and Steering Committee Work for several Scandi-navian companies.
  • Assisted a terminal supplier establishing a business case for introducing contactless automatic fare collection system.
  • Assistance to a Nordic Telecom operator in the development of a business case for an open general-purpose electronic purse system.
  • On-site Project Manager in USA during installation of a Stored Value Card system, on behalf of the Danish developer.
  • Assisted a Danish terminal manufacturer in establishment of an export organisation. During the period project manager on the export activities, one of them a major implementation of specialised terminals for the Olympics in Atlanta '96.
  • Co-writer on a report to the Danish Ministry of Transport regarding electronic ticketing in the public transport sector.
  • Assisted a major French company in preparing the development and production of IC cards for the Visa Cash system.
  • Missions to Moldova, Belarus, Armenia and Georgia on behalf of the EU Commission. The task was to evaluate inter-bank settlement systems sponsored by EU.